What is SRI?

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) combines investors’ financial objectives with their commitment to social concerns.

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CGF Funds

Community Growth Equity Fund Community Growth Gilt Fund

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About CGF

The Community Growth Funds are socially responsible funds managed by Old Mutual Investment Group.

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Our Track Record

COMANCO has an established track record in the area of socially responsible investment (SRI), having successfully managed a range of SRI vehicles since 1992.

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The Socially Responsible Investment Pioneer

At Community Growth Management Company (COMANCO), our sole purpose is to enable South Africans to retire with dignity, while enjoying an equitable society and a healthy, plentiful environment.

This is why we offer socially and environmentally aware investors a choice of two funds that are managed in line with socially responsible investment (SRI) principles. Our funds offer investors the potential to grow and manage their wealth, while contributing to the socio-economic and environmental stability of South Africa.

Having successfully managed SRI funds since 1992, our track record speaks for itself. We are able to generate consistent investment returns, while at the same time responding to the values its investors stand for.

Our Investors’ Values

Uphold the Rights of Workers
Protect the Environment
Ensure Good Corporate Governance